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Baby Cot I Little Wonder

Product Code: Baby Cot I Little wonder

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With a worry and happiness feeling , new parent have welcome their new born baby  , baby cot let parent handy take care new board child without troublesome, with adjustable height of mattress base , let parent easy take out baby from inner cot and can prevent child own climb out from cot , round shape angle and with good processing , can prevent injure baby skin and let them feel comfortable while inside the cot

  • 4 slide panel made by board and panel oval shape design cutting by machine 
  • there are deep enough cribs ,can prevent baby climb out from cot 
  • fixed cot design and with mattress size W600 x L1200 mm
  • headboard and footboard made by board with laminated PVC 
  • left & right panel by finishing 
  • after baby grown up , can convert to be study table 
  • optional PVC design , customer can choose anther pattern design of PVC

Made in Baby Cot Malaysia by Vistawood 

Products By Vistawood Sdn Bhd

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